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Wine Recommendations from a Thrillerchick

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Punch Up Spring Brunch with These Zesty Wine Pairings

J.T. Ellison

Photo Credit:  Wine Enthusiast

Photo Credit: Wine Enthusiast

Ahh, spring. Warm breezes, tender greens, and switching from heavy reds to lighter, delicate whites. 

Amy's favorite (!).

It's been a while since we've had lighter fare at brunch, but worry not: Wine Enthusiast has a review of zesty pairings that'll make your spring flavors sing.

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10 Wine/Movie Pairings for Valentine's Day

J.T. Ellison

image credit:  Vivino

image credit: Vivino

Ahh, the classic date activity: watching a movie! And there's nothing more romantic than snuggling with your sweetie on the couch, pouring a glass of wine, and fighting for 30 minutes over which movie to stream.

Need some help picking and choosing? Vivino has 10 wine/movie pairings perfect for your Valentine's date.

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How to pair wine with Indian food

J.T. Ellison

photo credit:  Wine Folly

photo credit: Wine Folly

Rich with aromatics and spices, Indian food is a tantalizing cuisine with a lot going on. So how do you know which wines to pair with which foods?

Wine Folly's got your back. Pick up some wine and takeout for an easy, flavorful meal this weekend!

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The Best Wine to Drink With Your Favorite Halloween Candy

J.T. Ellison

(photo credit:  Coastal Living )

(photo credit: Coastal Living)

Our dear friend and fellow Vixen, Lyzz, made us aware of this extremely timely and Very Important article from Costal Living.

Because what's more important on Halloween than finding a good vino to go with the plethora of confectionary delights?


(P.S. Thank you, Lyzz! 💕🍷🍬)

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This just in: Science confirms that cheese makes wine taste better

J.T. Ellison

photo credit:  Skillet

photo credit: Skillet

'Tis (almost) the season for classy holiday gatherings. And while some might have sugarplums dancing in their heads, we know that you, fellow Vixen, dream of plummy wine. And maybe a little cheese to go with it. 

So you'll be pleased to learn that according to Science, cheese actually does make wine taste better. And here's why. 

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