Straccali Chianti DOCG


You know what?

I don't think we've brought y'all a Chianti selection yet.

Let me remedy that right now!

Grown in central Tuscany, from whence it derives its name, Chianti was once known as the wine that appeared in the classic, basket-weave bottle frequently found in Italian restaurants, though it now appears in sleek, modern bottles. Comprised mostly of Sangiovese grapes, Chianti is earthy and rustic, and its high acidity makes the wine a great accompaniment to food.

Today's selection, Straccali Chianti DOCG, is a dry, medium-bodied red that has flavors of cherry and strawberry, with dried herb notes, with well-balanced acidity and tannins on finish.

The MSRP for this bottle is $13.95 from the vineyard, but you can find it here (at the time of this posting) for $6.69.

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