Punch Up Spring Brunch with These Zesty Wine Pairings

Photo Credit:  Wine Enthusiast

Photo Credit: Wine Enthusiast

Ahh, spring. Warm breezes, tender greens, and switching from heavy reds to lighter, delicate whites. 

Amy's favorite (!).

It's been a while since we've had lighter fare at brunch, but worry not: Wine Enthusiast has a review of zesty pairings that'll make your spring flavors sing.

Recipe for the Weekend: Jasmine White Wine Poached Pears

photo credit:  La Crema

photo credit: La Crema

Need a fancy dessert recipe for a dinner party? Or even a pajama party of one?

These pears, steeped in vanilla and jasmine tea and chardonnay, will no doubt impress. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Barefoot Moscato

by Amy

First kiss, first car, first love. We all have a fondness for our firsts, don't we?

Barefoot Moscato was the first wine I ever had. My gateway drink, if you will. 

And it's a good first drink for timid drinkers because, um . . . it doesn't seem to have much alcohol.

Fresh out of college, my friend Amy and I sat by each other at our first corporate jobs (Ok, so maybe the affection for firsts might end at "first corporate job." *shiver*). Every so often, Amy and I would meet for wine nights, where we would soothe the wounds from said corporate jobs. But as recent college grads, Amy and I had to be deliberate about our wine choices because we were (1) broke and (2) drinking amateurs who only preferred fruity beverages. Between the two of us, Amy and I would down a whole bottle of Barefoot Moscato over the course of an evening, feeling very grown up for discussing our work problems while cupping a wine glass. But instead of feeling the warm buzz of alcohol, we . . . well, we wouldn't feel a thing. Oh well.

Neither of us are still in the corporate jobs, thank goodness. And while the Moscato didn't get us hammered, it was a fine vehicle for conversation, so I think it did its job quite nicely. I can't look at a bottle without fondly thinking of wine nights with Amy.

If you have a sweet tooth, I'm betting you'll enjoy Barefoot's Moscato.

Why? It's very sweet—Amy and I called it, affectionately, "the Kool-Aid of wine." It's sweet, fruity, refreshing, and when your glass runs out, you'll just want more. 

And another thing: it's pretty cheap, too! (I mentioned we were broke, right?) You can find it here for $7.99. Try pairing it with a light dessert, but honestly? It's good on its own, too.

Proudly declare that you are also a purveyor of "the Kool-Aid of wines." #guiltypleasures

Gnarly Head Chardonnay

By Amy

Sometimes I just want an old reliable, a solid standby I can order just about anywhere with just about anything. In recent years, chardonnay has fit that bill for most white wine lovers (for good reason--its balanced flavors can go with everything), and yours truly is not excluded.

So what's my nice, economical go-to?

I'm a fan of Gnarly Head. This chardonnay offers heady flavors of citrus and pear and a touch of vanilla. I can cook with it and pour myself a glass to drink while I prep, knowing I'll be fully satisfied with the results of each experience.

Pick up a bottle for only $9.99! (though, PS, I can usually find it on sale at my local wine merchant)

Spread the word: everybody needs to have a go-to white wine!

Would you like some wine with that bodice-ripper?

By J.T.

How many of you have ever sat at work, dreaming of a date with your book of the moment and a bottle of vino?

*raises both hands*

Well well well. My publisher, Harlequin, has decided to make a lovely marriage of these two wonderful things and has launched their own wine label.

Yes. Yes they did.

In a partnership with the northern Californian winery Vintage Wine Estastes, these Harlequin wines are available exclusively on Amazon. You've got your choice between a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a little red blend whose tasting notes read "strawberry jam, ripe blackberry, cherry cola and a nice kick of spicy black pepper." Uh, YUM. 

And look at those labels—such a great throwback to vintage Harlequin covers, and sexy to boot. You should totally bring one of these $14.99 bottles to book club. You would be super popular.

We'll give you a full report once we've ordered and sampled these, but wanted to give you the heads up!

Don't deprive the people of what they wantthe world needs to know about Harlequin Wine!