Vivino's Top 10 Wines for Thanksgiving

Image credit:  Vivino

Image credit: Vivino

Newsflash: Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK.

holy crap thanksgiving is next week WHAT

We get it: you're meal prepping, house cleaning, and trying to find enough body pillows for your Aunt Margie, you've got enough on your plate without trying to figure out the perfect wines to pair with your zillion-course meal.

Don't worry. Vivino has 10 solid wines that'll go great with lots of things you'll be serving at everyone's favorite chow-down extravaganza.

The Wine to Drink on Thanksgiving

photo credit:  The Kitchn

photo credit: The Kitchn

With the Halloween costumes put away and the cornucopias dusted off, you're probably planning The Big Meal coming up in a few weeksβ€”and wondered which drinks to serve your guests.

The Kitchn thinks this is the wine you should serve on Thanksgivingβ€”and with good reason.