People are drinking red wine hot chocolate... and loving it

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© Getty Images/EyeEm

So here's an idea for your Christmas/NYE beverage cart: 

red. wine. hot. chocolate.

Yes ma'am, sign us UP.

Red Wine Brownies: the dessert you need to make this weekend

It's been quite a week, hasn't it? 

We found the perfect way to treat yo'self this weekend: 

red. wine. brownies.

Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

by J.T.

I applaud someone who can branch out beyond family tradition. It's not the easiest thing to do.

Which is why I like the story of the Lapostolle Winery. Nestled in the hills of western Chile, the winery is owned by Cyril de Bournet and Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle.

"Marnier" might sound a little familiar—does Grand Marnier ring a bell? Yep, the delicious orange liqueur. That Marnier.

Wanting to carry the tradition of French excellence instilled in their famous liqueur, but carry on that tradition in the exquisite Chilean terrain, the couple began Lapostolle in 1994. And they sure do make delicious wine.

Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Cabernet Sauvignon is a bright explosion of fruit—in the best way possible.

It's got a dark, purple color, which defines most Cabs. The medium mouthfeel carries a world of juicy stone fruits, like plums and cherries. I'm gonna put this in a nice Bolognese sauce (which, I've found, is delicious with edamame spaghetti—for all the GF folks out there!). 

Grab a bottle for only $13.99.

Is there a more social beverage than wine? We think not. Here's a tweet to share!

Straccali Chianti DOCG


You know what?

I don't think we've brought y'all a Chianti selection yet.

Let me remedy that right now!

Grown in central Tuscany, from whence it derives its name, Chianti was once known as the wine that appeared in the classic, basket-weave bottle frequently found in Italian restaurants, though it now appears in sleek, modern bottles. Comprised mostly of Sangiovese grapes, Chianti is earthy and rustic, and its high acidity makes the wine a great accompaniment to food.

Today's selection, Straccali Chianti DOCG, is a dry, medium-bodied red that has flavors of cherry and strawberry, with dried herb notes, with well-balanced acidity and tannins on finish.

The MSRP for this bottle is $13.95 from the vineyard, but you can find it here (at the time of this posting) for $6.69.

Tell your friends about this sweet Chianti deal (while it lasts!).

Would you like some wine with that bodice-ripper?

By J.T.

How many of you have ever sat at work, dreaming of a date with your book of the moment and a bottle of vino?

*raises both hands*

Well well well. My publisher, Harlequin, has decided to make a lovely marriage of these two wonderful things and has launched their own wine label.

Yes. Yes they did.

In a partnership with the northern Californian winery Vintage Wine Estastes, these Harlequin wines are available exclusively on Amazon. You've got your choice between a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a little red blend whose tasting notes read "strawberry jam, ripe blackberry, cherry cola and a nice kick of spicy black pepper." Uh, YUM. 

And look at those labels—such a great throwback to vintage Harlequin covers, and sexy to boot. You should totally bring one of these $14.99 bottles to book club. You would be super popular.

We'll give you a full report once we've ordered and sampled these, but wanted to give you the heads up!

Don't deprive the people of what they wantthe world needs to know about Harlequin Wine!