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Our Holiday Wine Guide (for serving & gifting)

By J.T. and Amy

Holiday Wine Guide

Well, friends, the season has come upon us.

It's the season of dinners, parties, dinner parties, parties with co-workers, parties with friends, family parties you're genetically obligated to attend, and your own personal get-togethers that you have absolutely no time to plan because of the aforementioned social obligations.

It can leave you feeling a bit . . . spent. Listless. Uninspired. That's what happens when we sign ourselves up for the holiday season. Pretty soon, we'll all be longing for the cold, dark, dreary days in January, with visions of weeknight Netflix binges dancing in our heads. We'll shake our heads remembering the last days of 2015, and the hours we spent fretting over the perfect font for the Christmas cards and sending sleepy, middle-of-the-night reminders to ourselves to pick up the sour cream, because it was forgotten at the store yet again.

The last thing you want to do is antagonize over one more detail of your holiday season—including the wine offering.

Don't worry. We've got you covered. 

Here are a few simple suggestions for gifting and serving, so you can get on with the holidays (and, if you sip a bit while you coordinate all the parties, maybe making that 5th cheeseball of the season will be a bit more pleasant):

Wines for Serving

Under $20



Wines for Gifting

Under $20


Find what you're looking for? Let us know!  

Keep those holidays merry and bright,
J.T. & Amy

Help others give the gift of wine. You'll be repaid with karma and brownie points. And hey, who are we to argue with karma bringing around good wine . . .