How will the warm, wet winter affect California's 2017 vintage?

photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For the past few years, the skies over California seem to have been holding their rains back, only to unleash them all during the winter of 2017. No doubt you've seen the torrential, flood-producing rains on the news. But have you wondered how this weather is affecting this year's vines?

Forbes has the scoop on how this crazy winter weather will affect California's 2017 vintage.

4 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Wine Year Ever

(image credit:  Irene Renaldi  for The Los Angeles Times)

(image credit: Irene Renaldi for The Los Angeles Times)

We oenophiles are lifelong learners. Explorers. Obsessives. Always trying to find our next favorite vintage, region, varietal.

Quite frankly, sometimes the sheer volume of variables to try can be overwhelming.

The Los Angeles Times has narrowed down four ways we can make 2017 our best wine year ever. Come along, fellow wine vixens. Let's drink and be merry this year.