Wine of the Week: Maggy Hawk "Stormin" Pinot Noir


Vintage: 2014

Region: Anderson Valley

Style: Pinot Noir

Country: USA

Winery: Maggy Hawk

Tasting Notes: Cloves and vanilla, dark fruits, lots of plum, but ripe plums. It’s not sweet at all, nice and dry. A hint of smoke on the finish.

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Thoughts: Holy. Cow. This pinot drinks like an old vine zin. It’s not as large and in charge as an old vine, but it’s chewy, utterly nuanced, and delicious. Complex is a good term here. We had it at the Capitol Grill in New York, as part of their Generous Pour series. I could have stopped with this one and been perfectly happy. A delightful, albeit a little pricey, wine.

Pairings: Held up to shrimp and lobster, and also to a nice filet. A very versatile wine.

Mark West Pinot Noir

by J.T.

Parties are always a bit of a crapshoot, aren't they?

Although you map out every detail, the variables you can't control slowly dismantle your best laid plans: someone needs the oven at 350 F for their spinach artichoke dip, even though you're finishing up your sausage balls at 425 F. A whopping three guests have brought the same dish, even though you policed the signup list like a hawk. And you forgot that everything but the veggie tray has gluten in it—which is unfortunate for your best friend with a gluten intolerance, who waves off your apologies with a sad stick of celery. 

But no matter how far the party strays from your good intentions, there's always one constant:

You can never have too much booze. 

If you're looking for a red to take to a big social gathering (i.e. Super Bowl parties and summer barbecues) when you're unsure what to bring, Mark West Pinot Noir would be a delightful accompaniment. The fruit forward flavors of strawberry and cherry cola, along with soft tannins and a nice bite of acid, complement meats of all kinds—cheeseburgers, bbq chicken, grilled salmon—along with a good cheese plate. It's a light-bodied red that goes well with so many foods and palates, you really can't go wrong with this one.

And lucky for us: it's only $10.99!

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La Crema Pinot Noir

By J.T.

Cherry pie aromas mingle with alluring cocoa, allspice and black tea notes in this pinot noir, complementing the flavors of pomegranate, red plum, and orange zest. Yum.

This would make a lovely addition to any dinner party, and it's not even a splurge at $23.99.