Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

by Amy

I'm keeping today's post short and sweet. Because, really, an excellent wine just speaks for itself.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best whites I've had in a while. 

And I will definitely stock this in my wine fridge. 

Grass and tropical fruit are on the nose. The palate reveals low acid and medium alcohol levels with notes of kiwi, lime zest, and honeydew. This was just delightful to drink, and I plan on pairing this with all kinds of seafood and salads this summer. 

The 2015 vintage is only $18 MSRP, but you can find it here for $14.99. It's so worth it, y'all.

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Lonely Cow Sauvignon Blanc

By Amy

I'm a marketer's dream: aka, I love products with clever names.

Like my men, I'll far for anything witty—if it makes me giggle, I'm a goner. 

It's no surprise that I still have tons to learn about wine—I really do (as Stuart Smalley would say, "And that's ok."). So it should also come as no surprise that when I'm perusing a wine list, my choice is simply determined by which vineyard name jumps out at me. I'm like the woman in the March Madness office pool who wins the bracket challenge because she chose her favorite mascots. 

Whatever. I am who I am. 

And so it was, during my visit to The Honeysuckle in Cool Springs (which is so wonderfully, rustically homey that you forget you're in a suburban strip mall) that I was, again, tasking myself with finding a delicious vino accompaniment to my meal (because I'm a wine blogger now, guys) when I saw it.

Lonely Cow Sauvignon Blanc.

Tee hee!

All I thought think was that "lonely cow" could be a double-entendre for my Friday night dates with Netflix and a wine glass, but my waiter didn't think that was nearly as funny as I did.

But I digress—onto the wine!

With white peach and zesty lime aromas, this crisp Sauvignon Blanc (another from the Marlborough region of New Zealand) tastes of candied pineapple and tangerine, followed by white pepper accents on the finish. Honestly, I found it was a bit too late in the year to be ordering this wine, wanting something with a bit more body with a cold night's meal (again, still learning!), but this would be deliciously paired with a light chicken or fish dish during the warm months. 

But great news: it's very reasonably priced! 

You can find it here for only $11.99.

Starborough Sauvignon Blanc

By Amy

I (Amy) was at an outdoor wedding a few weeks ago in early September. And I have never sweated so much in such fine, formal clothing.

I can't fault the bride: growing up, the calendars and decor surrounding September featured hay bales, crisp leaves, barrels of apples, and light jackets. But, reality check: the weather in Tennessee is so precarious that it takes more than a little wishful thinking for a September Saturday to be anything but scorching. 

So when you find yourself baking in the middle of a 95-degree pasture, you pray for something, anything decent at the bar during the reception. And this wine surpassed my expectations. Surprisingly refreshing, the crisp, green notes of citrus and pear complement each other quite nicely. This would work fabulously with any fish, chicken, or a light cheese.

The list price for this Sauvignon Blanc is $15, but I consistently find it for $11-$12. Try a bottle—it isn't cold yet, people!

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