Wine of the Week: La Caudrina Moscato D'Asti


Vintage: 2017

Region: D’Asti

Style: Moscato

Country: Italy

Winery: Caudrina

Tasting Notes: Aromatic florals, white flowers, delicate fruit, apples and peaches. A perfect moscato.

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Thoughts: Apparently, I’m beginning to like white wines, though moscato is in its own category—a super sweet dessert wine. My parents visited the vineyard years ago, and on a recent trip to Italy, wanted to go again because they loved the moscato so much. La Caudrina is not easy to get too, but this is what makes their moscato superior—the hills are rocky and steep, and the grapes have to struggle a little to grow. The vineyard itself is very small—I found only one place in the US that carries it—so far. Help me spread the word and lets get them imported everywhere, shall we? There’s something so charming about rolling up to someone’s house that doubles as a production facility, discovering a delightful wine, and playing with their incredible enthusiastic dog, appropriately named Barolo. That was my experience at Caudrina. Everything about the afternoon was charming and delicious.

Pairings: This is a dessert wine, so I like to pair moscato with creme brûlée. Anything vanilla in nature would be perfect (she says, dreaming of cake.)