Wine of the Week: Ledson Legend Red

Vintage: 2006

Region: Sonoma Valley

Style: Blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon

Country: USA

Winery: Ledson

Tasting Notes: Spicy and bold, with a blend of jammy merlot and rich cabernet grapes, this drinks like a Bordeaux and looks like a Pinot.

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷

Thoughts: Several years ago, on a birthday trip to Napa and Sonoma, we saw a cool château off the Sonoma Valley main highway. Thinking perhaps we could snag a last minute tasting, we stopped in, and it was the best decision we’ve made in a long time. You’re going to see a few wines from Ledson on The Wine Vixen, because we joined their wine club that day. I’m always impressed by the quality of their wines. If you’re interested in a club, this is the best one out there. They welcomed us with open arms, have customized cases for us, are always open and willing to see us if we want to stop by, and make DAMN. GOOD. WINE.

Pairings: Steak, steak, steak.

My Vivino

Wines We Should Remember, Part 1

by J.T. & Amy

With social media feeds that rage like rivers, it's a wonder we retain any of the deluge.

And while we love finding new things, we do like revisiting old favorites. Every so often, we want to bring you on our journey to yesteryear as we remember wines that are as delicious as the day we found them. 

J.T.'s Pick

Y'all. If you haven't tried Lapostelle's Casa Cabernet Sauvignon, you're missing out. This Cab is super fruit-forward—lots of stone fruits like plums and cherries, and it's awesome in Bolognese. (which, by the way, is a perfectly acceptable summertime food. Tomatoes!) It's a steal at $14, so go try some!

Amy's Pick

Oh, Starborough Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc: you were so delightful to drink on your own, but I can't wait to see what your citrus and pear flavors do alongside summertime treats. I want to pair you with Jamaican jerk chicken and coconut shrimp, and maybe something with mango. You're worth the $11 price tag.

Go forth and wine, fellow Vixens!

J.T. & Amy

Belle Ambiance Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

by J.T.

Happy Friday, lovelies. 

Care for a young Red (wine, not head) suggestion today?

Tasting Notes

Belle Ambience made a pretty good Cabernet Sauvignon in 2014. I can't quite place the nose—it's more than earthy, it smells a bit green, like fresh oregano. Oddly enough, it's super plummy palate, like blackberry jam, an intriguing combination. It's got a luscious body, nice and thick, medium-lowish alcohol, and glowing tannins that are long on the finish. It's young and bright, and mellows a bit if you let it open up for about 30 minutes or so.

Price Point

We can all agree with this one. I believe I got mine at my local wine merchant for about $9.99. Check out the vinter's website to see where you can find it.

Pairing Suggestions

Bright, acidic tomato flavors would go nicely with this young red: something along the lines of spaghetti with fresh marinara sauce, a caprese salad with lots of fresh basil, or paella would be scrumptious. 

Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

by J.T.

I applaud someone who can branch out beyond family tradition. It's not the easiest thing to do.

Which is why I like the story of the Lapostolle Winery. Nestled in the hills of western Chile, the winery is owned by Cyril de Bournet and Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle.

"Marnier" might sound a little familiar—does Grand Marnier ring a bell? Yep, the delicious orange liqueur. That Marnier.

Wanting to carry the tradition of French excellence instilled in their famous liqueur, but carry on that tradition in the exquisite Chilean terrain, the couple began Lapostolle in 1994. And they sure do make delicious wine.

Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Cabernet Sauvignon is a bright explosion of fruit—in the best way possible.

It's got a dark, purple color, which defines most Cabs. The medium mouthfeel carries a world of juicy stone fruits, like plums and cherries. I'm gonna put this in a nice Bolognese sauce (which, I've found, is delicious with edamame spaghetti—for all the GF folks out there!). 

Grab a bottle for only $13.99.

Is there a more social beverage than wine? We think not. Here's a tweet to share!

The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon

By Amy

What's Amy doing, posting a red? you may be thinking. Isn't she treading on JT's turf?!

Your concerns are valid. But. The great thing about my boss is that she's pretty flexible. And this is a good story. So there.

I have a friend who exaggerates a lot. You know the type: the hyperbole-loving person who views the world in two extremes: they either loooooove something, or they haaaaate it. And as well-meaning as these folks can be (and they are good for carrying the small talk at parties, let me tell you), they can be somewhat "the friend who cried 'Wolf!'" when it comes to any sort of recommendation they give you. 

Which is why I was very skeptical when my Exaggeration Friend recommended The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon to me. 

"Amy," he began to rave. "I can't begin to tell you how good this is. Once you have it, I promise you won't want to drink any other wine. Like, EVER." 

Well. Ok, then.

So the stars aligned, and it was pure happenstance that I saw this very Cab on a wine list the next day. Naturally, I had to order it. Wouldn't you?

I'll admit: the bar was set pretty high, and after a few sips, I still (shockingly) my desire to try other wines did not evaporate. But The Crusher Cab was better than I thought it was going to be, given the recommendation source! Vibrant and a little smoky, with hints of blackberry, cherries, and a touch of oak, this was a delightful accompaniment to a ribeye.

And perhaps the most delightful bit of news: you can get it for under $20! (Its MSRP is $18, but this seller is running a special on the 2012 vintage for $12.50)

Tell your friends that they, too, can be crushin' it with The Crusher.