Wine of the Week: Maggy Hawk "Stormin" Pinot Noir


Vintage: 2014

Region: Anderson Valley

Style: Pinot Noir

Country: USA

Winery: Maggy Hawk

Tasting Notes: Cloves and vanilla, dark fruits, lots of plum, but ripe plums. It’s not sweet at all, nice and dry. A hint of smoke on the finish.

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Thoughts: Holy. Cow. This pinot drinks like an old vine zin. It’s not as large and in charge as an old vine, but it’s chewy, utterly nuanced, and delicious. Complex is a good term here. We had it at the Capitol Grill in New York, as part of their Generous Pour series. I could have stopped with this one and been perfectly happy. A delightful, albeit a little pricey, wine.

Pairings: Held up to shrimp and lobster, and also to a nice filet. A very versatile wine.