Wines We Should Remember, Part 1

by J.T. & Amy

With social media feeds that rage like rivers, it's a wonder we retain any of the deluge.

And while we love finding new things, we do like revisiting old favorites. Every so often, we want to bring you on our journey to yesteryear as we remember wines that are as delicious as the day we found them. 

J.T.'s Pick

Y'all. If you haven't tried Lapostelle's Casa Cabernet Sauvignon, you're missing out. This Cab is super fruit-forward—lots of stone fruits like plums and cherries, and it's awesome in Bolognese. (which, by the way, is a perfectly acceptable summertime food. Tomatoes!) It's a steal at $14, so go try some!

Amy's Pick

Oh, Starborough Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc: you were so delightful to drink on your own, but I can't wait to see what your citrus and pear flavors do alongside summertime treats. I want to pair you with Jamaican jerk chicken and coconut shrimp, and maybe something with mango. You're worth the $11 price tag.

Go forth and wine, fellow Vixens!

J.T. & Amy