2014 “La Petite Frog” Picpoul De Pinet

by Amy

Is there any dining establishment that makes you feel as classy and cool as a bistro?

I love the whole experience: sitting outside, sharing appetizers, and sipping wine over lazy conversations and a dinner service that can stretch into a couple of hours. 


Granted, Table 3's location in Nashville isn't as glamorous as a Parisian sidewalk (the lovely view encompasses the parking lot of The Cheesecake Factory and a Chico's), but under the stars and positioning your back to the headlights, you can easily imagine yourself under winding iron trellises and French colonial buildings.

I'm not knocking you, Table 3. Anybody who serves garlic aioli with heaping dishes of frites is OK in my book.

And, of course, the bistro experience isn't complete without some vino.

In a "surprise me!" sort of mood, I recently ordered the house white, which happens to be the 2014 "La Petite Frog" Picpoul De Pinet. And I enjoyed it! Nice citrus on the nose, slightly tart with a little zing of grass and lemon on the palate. I'd order it again, but next time I'd pair it with some oysters—because who can ever get enough oysters?

By now, you should've picked up that this blog is a no-judgment zone—we like good wine, no matter where it comes from. So imagine my surprise when I looked up the "La Petite Frog" when I got home and found this is a boxed wine. But hey, people: you can get 3L of this stuff for $23.99. That's four bottles of wine for $6 each.

Um, yeah. I have no complaints.

If you're looking to stock up on some wine, this might be the ticket! Summer sangria, anyone?

Help others see the light and enjoy economically delicious boxed wine.