Laguna Russian River Valley Chardonnay 2013


by Amy

I started 2016 off as a cliché. I resolved to save money this year.

I know exactly what my problem is, too. Anytime I want something, I start justifying the indulgence. 

"Oh, but I never buy (purchase item here)!"  

"I've worked so hard this week."

Or (my personal favorite) "It's Saturday!!" Unfortunately, many a purchase has been justified by the mere fact that it was Saturday. I'm not proud of this, kids.

And I've decided to kick that thinking to the curb before I start living out of my car.

As I started crunching numbers, I bemoaned that in order to save some cash, I really shouldn't partake in my favorite pastime: finding new restaurants and indulging in multi-course meals (and, because I like red meat, that usually means a big ol' steak—JT can vouch for this).  But, like the sensible man he is, Boyfriend said we shouldn't eliminate my ritual entirely—we should just do it sparingly and on budget.

He's a smart cookie, that one.

So we decided we'd still find new restaurants (or, more accurately, new to us restaurants), but do it only once a month instead of, you know, whenever we felt like it. And our first selection was The Southern Steak & Oyster, which skirts the edge of downtown Nashville. 

Y'all. Despite the bar-like atmosphere and noise level, the food is on point. As is the Laguna Chardonnay on the wine list.

This Chardonnay has ample bunches of honeysuckle and citrus on the nose. The palate boasts delightful notes of pear and lemon, and the tannins are pronounced, but not overpowering, and long on the finish. This was deliciously paired with slightly sweet-and-salty oysters from the outer banks of North Carolina. I can't wait to try this with some melon and strawberries in the spring.

Good news: you can find this vintage for less than $20! Get a bottle here for $19.74.

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