Starborough Sauvignon Blanc

By Amy

I (Amy) was at an outdoor wedding a few weeks ago in early September. And I have never sweated so much in such fine, formal clothing.

I can't fault the bride: growing up, the calendars and decor surrounding September featured hay bales, crisp leaves, barrels of apples, and light jackets. But, reality check: the weather in Tennessee is so precarious that it takes more than a little wishful thinking for a September Saturday to be anything but scorching. 

So when you find yourself baking in the middle of a 95-degree pasture, you pray for something, anything decent at the bar during the reception. And this wine surpassed my expectations. Surprisingly refreshing, the crisp, green notes of citrus and pear complement each other quite nicely. This would work fabulously with any fish, chicken, or a light cheese.

The list price for this Sauvignon Blanc is $15, but I consistently find it for $11-$12. Try a bottle—it isn't cold yet, people!

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