Barefoot Moscato

by Amy

First kiss, first car, first love. We all have a fondness for our firsts, don't we?

Barefoot Moscato was the first wine I ever had. My gateway drink, if you will. 

And it's a good first drink for timid drinkers because, um . . . it doesn't seem to have much alcohol.

Fresh out of college, my friend Amy and I sat by each other at our first corporate jobs (Ok, so maybe the affection for firsts might end at "first corporate job." *shiver*). Every so often, Amy and I would meet for wine nights, where we would soothe the wounds from said corporate jobs. But as recent college grads, Amy and I had to be deliberate about our wine choices because we were (1) broke and (2) drinking amateurs who only preferred fruity beverages. Between the two of us, Amy and I would down a whole bottle of Barefoot Moscato over the course of an evening, feeling very grown up for discussing our work problems while cupping a wine glass. But instead of feeling the warm buzz of alcohol, we . . . well, we wouldn't feel a thing. Oh well.

Neither of us are still in the corporate jobs, thank goodness. And while the Moscato didn't get us hammered, it was a fine vehicle for conversation, so I think it did its job quite nicely. I can't look at a bottle without fondly thinking of wine nights with Amy.

If you have a sweet tooth, I'm betting you'll enjoy Barefoot's Moscato.

Why? It's very sweet—Amy and I called it, affectionately, "the Kool-Aid of wine." It's sweet, fruity, refreshing, and when your glass runs out, you'll just want more. 

And another thing: it's pretty cheap, too! (I mentioned we were broke, right?) You can find it here for $7.99. Try pairing it with a light dessert, but honestly? It's good on its own, too.

Proudly declare that you are also a purveyor of "the Kool-Aid of wines." #guiltypleasures