The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon

By Amy

What's Amy doing, posting a red? you may be thinking. Isn't she treading on JT's turf?!

Your concerns are valid. But. The great thing about my boss is that she's pretty flexible. And this is a good story. So there.

I have a friend who exaggerates a lot. You know the type: the hyperbole-loving person who views the world in two extremes: they either loooooove something, or they haaaaate it. And as well-meaning as these folks can be (and they are good for carrying the small talk at parties, let me tell you), they can be somewhat "the friend who cried 'Wolf!'" when it comes to any sort of recommendation they give you. 

Which is why I was very skeptical when my Exaggeration Friend recommended The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon to me. 

"Amy," he began to rave. "I can't begin to tell you how good this is. Once you have it, I promise you won't want to drink any other wine. Like, EVER." 

Well. Ok, then.

So the stars aligned, and it was pure happenstance that I saw this very Cab on a wine list the next day. Naturally, I had to order it. Wouldn't you?

I'll admit: the bar was set pretty high, and after a few sips, I still (shockingly) my desire to try other wines did not evaporate. But The Crusher Cab was better than I thought it was going to be, given the recommendation source! Vibrant and a little smoky, with hints of blackberry, cherries, and a touch of oak, this was a delightful accompaniment to a ribeye.

And perhaps the most delightful bit of news: you can get it for under $20! (Its MSRP is $18, but this seller is running a special on the 2012 vintage for $12.50)

Tell your friends that they, too, can be crushin' it with The Crusher.