Wine of the Week: Château de Terrebonne Côtes de Provence Rosé


Vintage: 2015

Region: Côtes de Provence

Country: France

Vineyard: Vindivin

Tasting Notes: Soft berries, gently fruit forward, dry finish.

Rating: 🍷🍷🍷

Thoughts: Rosé is a relatively new wine to the Wine Vixen’s repertoire. Light and simple, it is benefited by simple seafood dishes. Serve well chilled.

Pairings: Light white fish, like sea bass or halibut, shrimp, scallops, carrots, peas, saffron.


Need a good wine app? Try Vivino!

While it’s sometimes embarrassing to whip out my phone and take pictures of the wine I’m drinking, it’s also necessary in order to keep track of new and exciting wines. So imagine my happiness when I found Vivino. Tasting notes, prices, ratings, the works, all in one little app - and sharable, too! You’ll love it.


Harry Potter Cocktails: Get Past the Butterbeer

Harry Potter Cocktails: Get Past the Butterbeer

When it comes to Harry Potter-themed beverages, it doesn't have to be butterbeer all the time, folks.

With a flick of the want, er, cocktail spoon, you can dream up some truly magical beverage pairings for each of the seven novels—with recipes, to boot. Book Riot will show you.

Accio, Rosemary Gin Fizz!

Accio Gin Fizz - Harry Potter

Drinking wine engages the brain more than any other human behavior, says The Daily Mail

When your bestie Laura Benedict sends you an article, you best sit down and read it.

Especially when the headline reads "A glass of Merlot can give your brain a workout."

YUP. That's what a Yale neuroscientist told The Daily Mail

We all know wine is super complex. From tannins to terroir and everything in between, wine is made of a zillion compounds, and those compounds can trigger sensory and emotional responses in the brain.

Said neuroscientist also thinks we should drink every last drop—and this is why.

Pretty compelling stuff, folks.

Cab Franc or Cab Sauv?

photo credit:  Vine Pair

photo credit: Vine Pair

Cabernet Sauvignon. It's one of the most popular reds, especially in America. If you reach for a wine list in any restaurant, chances are if you don't find anything else, you'll at least have a Cabernet Sauvignon to sample.

But perhaps there's a better choice out there, something a bit more versatile.

Perhaps we all should be drinking Cabernet Franc instead. Vine Pair dishes on why.