These "Game of Throne" Wines Will See You Through Your Next Binge

Photo Credit: AP Relax/Businesswire

Photo Credit: AP Relax/Businesswire

The intersection of art and commerce can sometimes be fraught. But sometimes it's a beautiful thing.

Score 1 for the "Beautiful" column with these Game of Thrones-themed wines.

I drink and I know things (Tyrion is the BEST)

Perfect, right? Now you can drink alongside your favorite buddy, Tyrion, to George R. R. Martin-approved libations. They'll certainly enhance your viewing experience, right? I'm sure these wines will also pair beautifully with the Game of Thrones Cookbook.

More Wine (yaaas Queen Cersei)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.


This Anti-Drip Wine Bottle Is a Pretty Big Deal

video credit:  Brandeis University

video credit: Brandeis University

Raise your hand if you, or your waiter, has drip, drip, dripped wine all over you. 🀚

Well, friends. It appears drippy wine bottles can be a thing of the past. Because a biophysicist has just designed a no-drip wine bottle. What a time to be alive!

NYT Eric Asimov's Anti-Anxiety Guide to Wine

Photo Credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Photo Credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Let's face it, folks: wine can be scary. Especially if you're trying to handle yourself like a pro at a business dinner, or an elegant first date. There are a bunch of variables: varietals, regions, vintages, pairings, glasses... and that's just scratching the surface.

Lucky for us, we have the Internet. And there are wine people on said Internet who are approachable and passionate about what they do. The New York Times' Eric Asimov is one of those people. If you have time, scroll through his articles and you'll find some fascinating stuff. He's like an oenophilic archaeologist.

But if you're just starting out, Mr. Asimov has curated a guide called, practically, "How to Drink Wine." And he talks about all those variables we mentioned above. And he's not a snob about it, he's pretty nice.

Weather you're a newbie or have an Olympic gold medal in wine tasting, you should check it out. Everybody can learn something new!

Punch Up Spring Brunch with These Zesty Wine Pairings

Photo Credit:  Wine Enthusiast

Photo Credit: Wine Enthusiast

Ahh, spring. Warm breezes, tender greens, and switching from heavy reds to lighter, delicate whites. 

Amy's favorite (!).

It's been a while since we've had lighter fare at brunch, but worry not: Wine Enthusiast has a review of zesty pairings that'll make your spring flavors sing.

A Sommelier Explains Why It's Best to Order the Cheapest Wine

Photo Credit: Mark Oldman

Photo Credit: Mark Oldman

Nobody wants to look cheap, especially when they order from a wine list. 

And guess what? Sommeliers are onto your gameβ€”and overcharging you accordingly.

This is an article we're glad we stumbled upon. Sommelier Mark Oldman explains you can get a much greater value ordering the cheapest bottle (not glass) on the list.