Recipe for the Weekend: Red Wine Brownies

(Image credit:  Broma Bakery )

(Image credit: Broma Bakery)

Weekends are for booze and brownies—that's a fact. So why not combine them into a delectable treat that you'll hide from your friends and family?

(let's be real: that's where this is going)

Red wine brownies, y'all. Make 'em and report back.

Wine-Infused Coffee (?) 😑

I, Amy, like wine. 

I, Amy, love coffee.

I, Amy, don't know how I feel about blending the two together.

I . . . am skeptical. 

Would you drink wine-infused coffee? Would you? Time has the scoop.

Recipe for the Weekend: Champagne Cocktails (via Nashville's Union Common)

One of our favorite apértifs is a good champagne cocktail. Ahhhh—bubbles, bitters, and a sugar cube, sometimes served with a twist, others with a cherry. Either way, it's sweet and refreshing!

Though you'd be amazed how many bartenders, upon receiving your order, look at you with eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side. Because they've. never. heard. of. it. 

Thankfully, Nashville's own Union Common has no such problem.  And they're sharing three champagne cocktail recipes so you don't have that problem either.

Best Wines Under $10 (according to The San Francisco Chronicle)

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

We bet this is a familiar scenario: trolling through the 

We at The Wine Vixen are deeply devoted to finding the best bottles on the cheap—even better if they're under ten bucks. And as we've said time and time again, a good wine needn't be expensive.

The San Francisco Chronicle doesn't think so, either.

Here are their best American wines for under $10.

How will the warm, wet winter affect California's 2017 vintage?

photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For the past few years, the skies over California seem to have been holding their rains back, only to unleash them all during the winter of 2017. No doubt you've seen the torrential, flood-producing rains on the news. But have you wondered how this weather is affecting this year's vines?

Forbes has the scoop on how this crazy winter weather will affect California's 2017 vintage.