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Wine Recommendations from a Thrillerchick

Recipe for the Weekend: Red Wine Brownies

J.T. Ellison

(Image credit:  Broma Bakery )

(Image credit: Broma Bakery)

Weekends are for booze and brownies—that's a fact. So why not combine them into a delectable treat that you'll hide from your friends and family?

(let's be real: that's where this is going)

Red wine brownies, y'all. Make 'em and report back.

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Recipe for the Weekend: Champagne Cocktails (via Nashville's Union Common)

J.T. Ellison

One of our favorite apértifs is a good champagne cocktail. Ahhhh—bubbles, bitters, and a sugar cube, sometimes served with a twist, others with a cherry. Either way, it's sweet and refreshing!

Though you'd be amazed how many bartenders, upon receiving your order, look at you with eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side. Because they've. never. heard. of. it. 

Thankfully, Nashville's own Union Common has no such problem.  And they're sharing three champagne cocktail recipes so you don't have that problem either.

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Best Wines Under $10 (according to The San Francisco Chronicle)

J.T. Ellison

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

We bet this is a familiar scenario: trolling through the 

We at The Wine Vixen are deeply devoted to finding the best bottles on the cheap—even better if they're under ten bucks. And as we've said time and time again, a good wine needn't be expensive.

The San Francisco Chronicle doesn't think so, either.

Here are their best American wines for under $10.

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How will the warm, wet winter affect California's 2017 vintage?

J.T. Ellison

photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For the past few years, the skies over California seem to have been holding their rains back, only to unleash them all during the winter of 2017. No doubt you've seen the torrential, flood-producing rains on the news. But have you wondered how this weather is affecting this year's vines?

Forbes has the scoop on how this crazy winter weather will affect California's 2017 vintage.

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You Only Need These 3 Wine Glasses

J.T. Ellison

photo credit:  Charlotte Five

photo credit: Charlotte Five

The next time you dine out, glance around the dining room and take stock of the glasses on the tables. Chances are, there are approximately a bajillion kinds. Which makes you second-guess your own wine glass game back at home.

How many kinds do I need? Am I doing it wrong

No, dear reader—as long as you're enjoying your wine, you're not doing it wrong. But, according to a Master Sommelier, these three glasses might help you enjoy your beverage even more. In fact, they may be the only three wine glasses you ever need.

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4 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Wine Year Ever

J.T. Ellison

(image credit:  Irene Renaldi  for The Los Angeles Times)

(image credit: Irene Renaldi for The Los Angeles Times)

We oenophiles are lifelong learners. Explorers. Obsessives. Always trying to find our next favorite vintage, region, varietal.

Quite frankly, sometimes the sheer volume of variables to try can be overwhelming.

The Los Angeles Times has narrowed down four ways we can make 2017 our best wine year ever. Come along, fellow wine vixens. Let's drink and be merry this year.

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A Wine Purse Actually Exists (and it's amazing)

J.T. Ellison

Photo credit:  Jonathan Boulton

Photo credit: Jonathan Boulton

We all know that a good handbag is a great investment—even better when it's pretty and functional.

Folks, have we got the bag for you.

It's a purse. That stores wine. And has a spigot. For said wine.

The Internet seems to agree: this is the accessory we need, not the accessory we deserve. 

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Recipe for the Weekend: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

J.T. Ellison

(Image credit:  Lauren Volo )

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Y'all. Let's get real for a moment.

Winter is almost over. And while we're excited about seeing green things again, we mourn the loss of Hygge-inducing favorites, like hot chocolate.


Get the while the gettin's good and go make some red wine hot chocolate. (No explanation necessary, right?)

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